A Revolutionary New Way to See Your Pain

Nanolume helps empower patients to take control of their pain, helping them document and describe their chronic pain in a way that doctors and other providers can understand.  We have created a simple tool that helps communicate your pain easier and more detailed than ever before.

A New Way to Take Control of Your Chronic Pain

Nanolume helps you take control of your pain by giving you the tools and the visuals necessary to keep track of it over time.  Plot the intensity and sensation of the pain directly onto the body, giving you a visual report that is easy for you or your physician to read and interpret.  By documenting the intensity, location, and surface area of each type of pain you feel daily, you are providing your doctor with critical information with which a better diagnosis and treatment plan can be developed, implemented, and monitored.

Designed with Chronic Pain Patients in Mind

Nanolume makes pain tracking and reporting easy.  The app was designed for patients with chronic pain conditions, including complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).  The app records each distinct type of pain separately so each sensation’s frequency, intensity, location, and surface area can guide providers toward a better clinical solution for tracking and managing pain.  The app also allows for the sharing and emailing of reports, so patients and providers can see in an instant how a patient’s pain has changed over time or with treatments tried.

Nanolume is designed for chronic pain patients, including those suffering from:

– Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
– Fibromyalgia
– Failed Back Surgery Syndrome
– Phantom Pain
– Post-stroke (Thalamic) Pain
– Arthritis and Joint Pain
– Diabetic Neuropathy
– Cluster and Tension Headaches
– Other Neurogenic Pain Syndromes

Simple to Use Tool that Improves Accuracy
By improving the accuracy and the detail of clinical information, you can help your physician and care team see a more comprehensive picture of your pain.  Daily, weekly or monthly reporting can all help track trends over time and help you see changes and improvements over time.  In this manner, your physician can monitor for treatment failures and provide timely treatment alternatives.

Nanolume is an easy-to-use mobile application that empowers patients to document their pain.
Features include:
– Tracking up to 16 different kinds of pain in any part of the body
– Easy-to-use controls and visual diagrams to make tracking simple
– Pain visualizer, so you can visually see trends and improvement over time
– Pain data exporting for seamless EMR integration includes CSV files (of all numeric data) and PDF files (drawings, charts, and notes) of each diary entry.  
– Available on all iOS and Android phones and tablets.


Nanolume: A New Way to Take Control of Your Chronic Pain