About Us

NANOLUME – Track it better. Treat it better.

Who we are

Your partners in self-documented pain-tracking!

Nanolume is a collective of industry professionals working
to provide you with a highly intuitive pain tracking and management system. With Nanolume, you can track, document, and analyze pain. With this, you can easily and efficiently describe your pain-related symptoms to your primary healthcare provider without worrying about poorly documented pain progression and any complex changes.

Our Goal

Making pain tracking and documenting easy!

Pain is a complex sensation that can constantly change with varying intensities, textures, locations, and spread patterns. It is essential to remember varying complex changes to make it easier for your primary healthcare provider to treat your pain.

Our Vision

To create a world where pain-related illnesses can be easily taken care of without the worry of going through extensive patient history and background. With Nanolume, pain tracking becomes simpler. With the app’s intuitive features, you can easily document different categories of pain and the intensity and changes in spread.

Our Mission

Pain tracking is a complex process that physicians may often struggle with due to inaccurate documentation of symptoms or inadequate data to compare patient history properly. Our mission is to make treating your pain easier for any physician, regardless of where you are.

Why Choose Us

The Most Intuitive pain tracking app on the market

Keeping track of pain-related symptoms has never been easier with Nanolume. With tons of useful and intuitive features, documenting pain-related data for your physician becomes simpler and easier to manage.

Record pain types

Choose from more than 12 pain types along with their location on your body so you can easily track where and how the pain spreads.

Record layers of pain

You can document different layers of pain and see each distinctive layer simultaneously to better understand how deep the pain resonates.

Numbness charts & coverage area

Nanolume offers numbness charts and coverage areas that enable more detailed information to assist you and your physician in tracking your pain.